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Albert Caramés Boada is the new director of FundiPau

Nota de premsa en català / Comunicado en castellano

Albert Caramés Boada has recently become the new director of FundiPau, replacing Jordi Armadans who, in May, announced he was leaving the organisation. With more than 18 years of professional experience, Albert has a wide trajectory in the Conflict Analysis and Peacebuilding fields, either internationally (especially on the African continent, working for organizations such as Doctors Without Borders or the United Nations) and locally (where he has held various responsibilities in organisations such as the School for a Culture of Peace or NOVACT, and he also teaches at the Blanquerna-Ramon Llull University and the UOC). In addition, Albert is well acquainted with the organization since he was a member of its board between 2014 and 2020.

Albert Caramés: It is an immense privilege to have been chosen as the new director of FundiPau, an organisation to which I have been tightly connected in recent times, but, above all, towards which I have felt a great consideration since I started working in this field, more than 18 years ago. Replacing Jordi implies a twofold responsibility: On the one hand, for what his legacy entails and for trying to be up to relevant figures such as Alfons Banda or Quico Gusi, that are so much remembered and missed. On the other hand, the legacy I receive is the one of a reference organisation in our field and environment. I can’t but share my commitment and confidence to start this new stage for the organization in a new year with more and more complex challenges”.

Carme Suñé, President of FundiPau: The significant number and remarkable level of the applications received to fill the post of director of FundiPau reflects the interest aroused to lead an organization with almost 40 years of history that has positioned itself as a benchmark in the culture of peace. Jordi Armadans has contributed generously to it with his professionalism, discourse, and commitment. After 25 years, we face this new stage, with Albert Caramés at the lead of the organization with plenty of energy and eagerness. His career, sensitivity, and knowledge of the organisation have positioned him as the best valued person to exercise the post, with the confidence that our organization will continue to be attentive to the challenges, demands and needs that are arising.

The arrival of Albert Caramés as FundiPau’s director coincides with the change of the organisation’s headquarters. From now on you will find us at the Espai d’entitats at carrer Erasme de Janer, 8, (office 6) in Barcelona.

In the photo from left to right: Jordi Armadans, Carme Suñé and Albert Caramés.
Photo: Maria Carme Bernat