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Our Quico has passed away

Text en català / Texto en castellano

With great sadness we have to inform you of the death of our beloved friend Quico Gusi. All of us who have had the fortune of knowing and treating him, know about his great kindness, generosity and discretion. From our shared pain we would like to remember everything he has given us, as an institution, but mostly on a personal level in the relationship we have had with him. He has faithfully accompanied us since the very moment of the creation of Fundació per la Pau, today FundiPau. He leaves us a great deal of work done throughout many years in so many campaigns for peace and disarmament.

Rest in peace dear friend, that peace you have so much longed for and for which you have worked so much. Your departure leaves us more alone and desolate, but stronger and more united than ever, now in pain, but also open to the future in the commitment we have shared with you. We embrace you forever.