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XXI Meeting of Barcelona

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The 8th and 9th May 2014 the XXI Barcelona Meeting took place on the title:
1914 – 2014 A hundred years of peace and war.

The seminar was jointly organized by FundiPau and Justícia i Pau and debated on the evolution of the armed conflicts and the peace policies since the start of the First World War.

Program in pdf | Registration



The First World War marked the beginning of a convulsive and extremely violent XX Century, where the capacity of destruction of humanity reached its zenith with a wild Second World War with episodes of terrible genocide and the explosion of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs that meant a new milestone in the arms development.

Facing this spiral of crime and destruction, the creation of international agencies tried to manage and avoid the outbreak of armed conflicts. But, under new parameters and in a new context, war continued being very present during the second half of the XX Century, guiding the foreign policy of the States. From classical wars we moved to Cold War, to the arms race, to the multiplication of internal armed conflicts and genocides, and, at the end of the Century, new military interventions, pretending to be humanitarian, appeared.

Meanwhile the peace movement has tried to delegitimize and reject war and armies, has claimed for the prevention of conflicts and has promoted disarmament and demilitarization.

A hundred years after the First World War, where are we? Do we have enough tools to avoid wars or to stop them? What do we need? What are citizens and the peace movement doing, and what must they do?

We’ll talk about all this in the XXI Meeting of Barcelona.



Location: Auditori of the Facultat de Comunicació Blanquerna (Universitat Ramon Llull) – C/ Valldonzella, 12).
There will be simultaneous translation into Catalan, Spanish and English.
The entrance is free but previous registration is required.